July in Toronto is in full bloom with Yarrow, Hibiscus, Echinacea, and Roses

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Reaching out of front yard gardens, the fragrance beckoning us to explore the inner most essence of Rose.  

The tilted, yellow, conical-crown is arrayed with pink-purple petals and boasts the most outrageously powerful immunity booster known to Grannies the world over; Echinacea. 

The amazing variety of hibiscus multiplies as we wonder down shady streets.  Soft blooms of white with pink centers, pale-orange with crimson, soft blue violet turning white toward the center with yellow stamens. 

But the most fragrant, quintessentially summer flower is the humble yarrow.  Yarrow grows wild in every ditch in North America: pink, white, lavender, yellow, all with the feather-like leaf from which its name arises.  

All the great medicine traditions from the ancient Chinese to the Native American used yarrow. A perfect nighttime tea for toning the liver or quieting a fever, waiting to be plucked from our own backyards.

These photos and notes are from a journey to visit friends and family in Canada.  We hope you enjoyed this saunter with us – and may be inspired to learn of the subtle herbal qualities of plants all around you. 🙂


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