Cool Down with Iced Tea!

add a little flower essences for an even more joyful iced tea 😀

We made Wisdom Nectar Tea with Ice –

And Added a Little Fresh Fruit for Added Color and Fun!

We made this lovely iced summertime tea, for a birthday party.

The tea is gentle and delicious, and the kids loved it!

Adding the flower essences which set the stage of a laughter and joy filled three-year-old party 🙂 – with crying bouts lasting less than a minute – Amazing!

Fresh fruit and Flower Essences is also a lovely snack!  

We added flower essences for peace and contentment to ease any anxieties of the day and the transitions to new environments (such as starting school).

Summertime Iced Teatime an Awesome Party Offering!

(A great alternative to other common sweeter party beverage options)

Enjoy with flower essences and fresh fruit for a delightfully delicious and healthy party snack 🙂

Special thanks, Lotus Wei Flower Essences and Organic Lifestyle for creating these amazing and delightfully effective flower essence remedies.  We see their effectiveness time and time again in our lives and with children – we love serving them with our teas! 🙂

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