The Virtue of Practice is Revealed in Diligence

After seeing the little girl, who had never seen a phoenix before, the Queen Phoenix descended from the heavens to put her draw one…

“With a flourish of sparkles and stars, she swooped down to earth and gracefully landed…The Queen Phoenix said, “I will stay with you all day so you can draw me.  After that you must continue to practice very hard on your own.”

The diligence of practice yields its own fruit.  

Deliberate practice helps us become aware of the outcomes of our actions.

With the gift of the Phoenix’s presence as a guide for the little girl’s drawing….

will she be diligent in her practice on her own?

How often do we truly take to heart and practice, the good advice and kind offerings of others?

Quotes and Inspirations from The Girl Who Drew the Phoenix by Demi

The Girl Who Drew the Phoenix

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