Squash Blossom Phoenix, AZ

Squash Blossom AZ – Known for its Delicious Breakfast & Lunch Menu & Award Winning Sunday Brunch, Squash Blossom  is a lot more then just a quaint, family-friendly place to eat.

I had a chance to sit down with Carrie, one of the Restaurant owners to ask her a few questions about the creation of this Downtown Phoenix Culinary Jewel.

Squash Blossom - Chef Carrie

What inspired you to open Squash Blossom?

We always wanted to have our own restaurant  – we love being in the food industry & a part of the community.

What have been your greatest joys since opening Squash Blossom?

We love the artist connections & proximity to the farmers’ market.  We have had the opportunity to host vendors, charity events & bridal showers.  We hope to do more events like this.

What makes you a top destination for hungry folks?

Good, fresh food & friendly service.

What is your specialty?

Banana french toast & pumpkin pie pancakes – new people always try them!  They are a real favorite.

You seem to have a lot of returning customers – what is your secret to get people to keep coming back?

Enthusiasm & listening carefully to the customers needs & requests; meeting & greeting our guests, creating a family-friendly environment.

 If you could share one thing with the world what would it be?

My children’s laughter & for people to be nice to each other.  Give everyone a chance – everyone has a story.

Any visions for the future of Squash Blossom?

Full service restaurant, open everyday with special events, themed parties.

What can we do as a community to help?

Come by, enjoy the events, the artists, the food!  Be involved & offer suggestions, we are very interested in an open conversation with our customers.

Squash Blossom AZCome by & Experience Squash Blossom AZ – Breakfast, Lunch & Sunday Brunch!

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Share Food, Be Happy!

Squash Blossom Proudly Serves Wisdom Nectar Tea – Enjoy Delicious Organic Herbal Tea with Your Meal!