The Wisdom of a Tech De-Tox


Because until now…. Only my Dog & a Fondue Pot have saved me from myself and my tech addiction….

The Information Age has come like a tidal wave of information, tools, gadgets & innovations.

The habits the Information Age has inspired in people are much more subtle;  and the behavioral changes are more far reaching than anyone first anticipated.  This is like the Boiling a Frog Analogy: when cooking a frog in water, slowly heat it up…the frog does not know the water changes temperature until it is too late to jump!  Or in the human-tech sense, the behaviors become so common gradually that overtime we do not realize them as once not being typical.

boiling frog - DonkeyHotey

Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey

I love technology and the internet.  I love the interconnectedness and community we are developing.  I love being able to share and hear others share.  I love being linked to places and people around the world and learning from and helping each other at the speed of light. 

super-spider-web Photo Credit - thehomespun

Photo Credit: thehomespun

But with all this tech excitement, I must remember that the web and tech are not everything and so much is still there and happening in the “unplugged.”  In fact, that very link to the “unplugged” may be one of the greatest connections we can develop in our lives.

And after the “fondued phone” incident…  of December 25th,


I am taking a Tech De-Tox Pledge for 5 days.  

These are the guidelines for which I have set for myself.  I plan to observe and recognize the moments of each of these days, recalling the things similar and different to my life with and without my techs.  

I hope this pledge encourages others to experiment, even if only for a few days, with life without their techs and to rediscover the beauty of the “unplugged” in a deeper, more profound manner.  

When we remember our lives and world are beautiful, precious, we can remember  and experience our interconnectedness as so much deeper than any code or platform can express.

Lets fly a kite

The Wisdom De-Tox Guidelines:

1. No Wearing the Cell Phone on the Body

2. No Internet Surfing or Checking Email

3. Walk on the Dirt (without shoes and socks, weather permitting)

4. Sit Outside – Just Sit There for 1 to 2 minutes 

5. Walk Barefoot Inside (take off these outside shoes and walk around inside! feel the floor at your feet, stretch your toes and let them breathe!)

6.  Enjoy a Hot Cup of Organic Loose Leaf Herbal Tea – this one is one of my favorites – 


I begin my Tech De-Tox December 27th.  

Wishing you Joy & Love into the New Year!

Share Tea, Be Happy!