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Farm to Table with Maya’s Farm

Photo By: Monica Michelle

Photo By: Monica Michelle

Breakfast on the Farm with Maya Dailey

Maya's Farm2

The Freshest, Local, Organic Produce is Easier than Ever to Prepare!

Saute chopped Scallions in Oil in a pan


Chop Radishes,


Baby Carrots,


Add Heat & Stir


Add Chard,


Garlic & a little bit of coarse Sea Salt


Add some Farm Fresh Eggs


& Mix it All Up! IMG_6181

Serve with Fresh Toast, Salsa & Butter


The Perfect Farm to Table Breakfast

Share & Prepare with Your Friends and Family!

Maya’s CSA is a Great to Start Having Fun Cooking & Creating Unique Locally Inspired Food Dishes!


We were thrilled to be a part of Maya’s Sunday Market & Events (come by Maya’s Farm to see the bounty of Phoenix in Winter), she even made us a farm to table breakfast!  It was so fun, inspiring & delicious we had to share it – we look forward to posting more seasonal local recipes & pairings with tea!

Sign Up for a Maya’s Farm CSA Share at we are so glad we did – it is changing or food habits, health and lifestyle for the better!

Many Blessings to Everyone!


Squash Blossom Phoenix, AZ

Squash Blossom AZ – Known for its Delicious Breakfast & Lunch Menu & Award Winning Sunday Brunch, Squash Blossom  is a lot more then just a quaint, family-friendly place to eat.

I had a chance to sit down with Carrie, one of the Restaurant owners to ask her a few questions about the creation of this Downtown Phoenix Culinary Jewel.

Squash Blossom - Chef Carrie

What inspired you to open Squash Blossom?

We always wanted to have our own restaurant  – we love being in the food industry & a part of the community.

What have been your greatest joys since opening Squash Blossom?

We love the artist connections & proximity to the farmers’ market.  We have had the opportunity to host vendors, charity events & bridal showers.  We hope to do more events like this.

What makes you a top destination for hungry folks?

Good, fresh food & friendly service.

What is your specialty?

Banana french toast & pumpkin pie pancakes – new people always try them!  They are a real favorite.

You seem to have a lot of returning customers – what is your secret to get people to keep coming back?

Enthusiasm & listening carefully to the customers needs & requests; meeting & greeting our guests, creating a family-friendly environment.

 If you could share one thing with the world what would it be?

My children’s laughter & for people to be nice to each other.  Give everyone a chance – everyone has a story.

Any visions for the future of Squash Blossom?

Full service restaurant, open everyday with special events, themed parties.

What can we do as a community to help?

Come by, enjoy the events, the artists, the food!  Be involved & offer suggestions, we are very interested in an open conversation with our customers.

Squash Blossom AZCome by & Experience Squash Blossom AZ – Breakfast, Lunch & Sunday Brunch!

Take a Tour with Taste It Tour for a Downtown Phoenix Food Experience!  Book your Taste It Food Tour Here!

Share Food, Be Happy!

Squash Blossom Proudly Serves Wisdom Nectar Tea – Enjoy Delicious Organic Herbal Tea with Your Meal!

The Perfect Snack for Coming Home from School or Work!

add a little flower essences and chocolate for even more fun

We made 
Wisdom Nectar Tea – Iced –

and a bit of Popcorn and Chocolate!

This little combination is the perfect treat to come home to.  Easy to make for yourself, your children, or anyone when they come home!

When I came home from a long day, I started with the Lotus Wei Flower Essence Joy Juice Mist, to alleviate and revitalize after a day of teaching preschool.  I felt joyful and refreshed right away!

Then, I added a little Joy Juice to the Popcorn, for the happiest, popcorn around!

And a little Quiet Mind to the Iced Tea to calm the mental chatter of the day.  

 And one of my favorites,  get ready for the Chocolate!  Luscious, delicious and diabetic friendly.  Wei of Chocolate recommends to let each piece melt in your mouth for added joy and relaxation (it really works! Try it!)

Special thanks, Lotus Wei Flower Essences and Organic Lifestyle for creating these amazing and delightfully effective flower essence remedies.  We see their effectiveness time and time again in our lives and with children – we love serving them with our tea! 🙂

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Cool Down with Iced Tea!

add a little flower essences for an even more joyful iced tea 😀

We made Wisdom Nectar Tea with Ice –

And Added a Little Fresh Fruit for Added Color and Fun!

We made this lovely iced summertime tea, for a birthday party.

The tea is gentle and delicious, and the kids loved it!

Adding the flower essences which set the stage of a laughter and joy filled three-year-old party 🙂 – with crying bouts lasting less than a minute – Amazing!

Fresh fruit and Flower Essences is also a lovely snack!  

We added flower essences for peace and contentment to ease any anxieties of the day and the transitions to new environments (such as starting school).

Summertime Iced Teatime an Awesome Party Offering!

(A great alternative to other common sweeter party beverage options)

Enjoy with flower essences and fresh fruit for a delightfully delicious and healthy party snack 🙂

Special thanks, Lotus Wei Flower Essences and Organic Lifestyle for creating these amazing and delightfully effective flower essence remedies.  We see their effectiveness time and time again in our lives and with children – we love serving them with our teas! 🙂

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