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A Big & Beautiful Radish Baby

We found an enormous radish at the Local Public Market 


I tried to get a picture to show the radish was almost the size of a 5 year olds head!

Maya at Maya’s Farm, where we found the radish, suggested she flip the root around and hold it like a baby – Genius!


It became the cutest little baby…

A lovable bundle of joy…


Until we took it home….

It became a Delicious sautéed side!

RECIPE: “Home Fry” Local Radish & Greens:

Wash & chop the radish & leaves

& place them in separate piles.

Then heat the pan, add oil & salt.

When the pan is hot, place the chopped radish pieces in.

Sauté the pieces like home fries,

until they were getting golden or crispy.

Remove the radish pieces & sauté the radish greens with a little bit of salt & water.  

When the greens are soft & tender, but not over cooked, place them on a dish with the “home fry” radishes on top – Ready to Eat – Delicious!


Check out for more information about great local, organic produce – Be fearless to try new things with cooking – keep it simple – keep it fun!

Happy Cooking!

The dish was enjoyed with Nourishing Tea from – a perfect pairing option.


An Arizona Sunset – Through the Eyes and Words of a Child

Arizona Sunset

“Beautiful yellow light that looks like a heart without the curl on it.

Look Arizona Sunset

Beside a Fiery Orange, Red & Yellow Matched Sculpture.

Arizona Sunset

Purple Clouds Start to Close It Up Like a Big Box Gathering A Rainbow.”

Seen at the Desert Botanical Garden Las Noches de Las Luminarias 

Precious Moments are meant to be Shared

(& Enjoyed with Tea)

The Phoenix of Clear Sight

“To have Clear Sight you must pass through the fire of Anger.”

Quotes and Inspirations from The Girl Who Drew the Phoenix by Demi

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“Plant Your Seeds.  Protect Your Gardens.  Protect Your Whole Body.”

Today the little one in our lives shared a little insight.

We were creating a flyer.  I asked her, “What would you like to tell people?”

She said: “Plant your seeds, Protect your gardens, Protect your whole body.”

She paused for a moment… and asked me, “Did you write all that down?”

I smiled and said, “Yes.”


Up in the Heavens the Phoenix Soar

“As the Supreme Female Powers and Principles of the universe, the phoenix saw that all life was born and maintained in heaven and on earth.  They helped others wherever they could – making the universe one integral whole.”

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The Phoenix of Wisdom

“To have  Wisdom  you must pass through the fire of Ignorance.”

Quotes and Inspirations from The Girl Who Drew a Phoenix by Demi

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The Five Virtues of the Phoenix

1. Wisdom

2. Clear Sight

3. Equality

4. Generosity

5. Right Judgement

Also Know As: The Five  Super Powers of Humanity 😉 

Read more about the teachings of the Phoenix,

inspired by The Girl Who Drew the Phoenix by Demi

to gain more insights of how to attain and practice these virtues.

The Girl Who Drew the Phoenix

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Cool tea – Hot days.  Hot Tea – Rainy days.  

Puzzles are always Fun!


Today, we brewed so fresh herbal tea –

Hydrating Flower Power Tea 

to weather the weather 😉

In Arizona, we often find ourselves inside from the heat on summer days.

What do you do for summer fun?  

How do you stay cool and hydrated?

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The kettle has just boiled, the cups are set, come and sit with us – it’s time to take a break.  🙂

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Refresh, Rejoice and Rebalance 🙂

We are here to Share our love of Tea with You!

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From wild harvesting herbal journeys, tea parties, and preparations we look forward to many loving sips and cups of tea with you!

Sip Tea often, Share with Others, Be Happy! 🙂

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