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The Phoenix of Equality

“To have Equality you must pass through the fire of Selfishness!”

Quotes and Inspirations from The Girl Who Drew the Phoenix by Demi

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Dandelion Greens-Greek Style!

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

As a Greek immigrant child in New York City, it was quite common to go 
to the park with your parents.¬†Now you may think that this was common for most children in New York City.¬†Well, the difference for us Greek immigrant children was that our¬†parents had a knife and a plastic bag at all times. This was to search¬†and seize the dandelion greens growing in the grass.¬†We all hoped that our American friends did not spot us during this Greek tradition in the New York City parks.¬†At that time, dandelion greens were only seen as a weed, not a green¬†sold at your local super market or farmers’ market.

Ever since my childhood, I love my dandelion greens. They remind me of the Greek spirit in our neighborhood and home. Luckily, we know that they are also really good for you.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Here is how I prepare them:

Boil water with a pinch of salt.

Add greens.

 Boil for 10-15 minutes.


Add olive oil to your liking and top off with FETA!!

Image courtesy of Chefs Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier, Arrows Restaurant and MC Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, ME

Image courtesy of Chefs Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier, Arrows Restaurant and MC Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, ME

With some good bread, this is a healthy meal.

Recipe Courtesy of Olga Tsoudis –¬†Downtown Phoenix Resident

This lovely story and note was shared as an email correspondence with Maya Dailey of Maya’s Farm¬†

To which Maya replied: 

 Olga thanks so much for sharing this it brings chills to my body and 
 joy to my heart. Such traditions are very important to save. All 
 cultures have them and with care and respect we can acknowledge them 
 and save them. This is the very essence of the Slow Food movement! 
 Honoring cultural food traditions is sacred and necessary.

Be a part of the Small Farm Movement – Support your local farmers – Join a CSA!

Maya’s Farm CSA is all organic, local, super fresh produce delivered weekly Learn more and Sign up at

We have found a Great Article about Buying Tips for Tea Lovers:

and summarized a few points below –

Please Keep these Tips in Mind When Buying or Gifting the Perfect Tea – Article originally published by FoodBabe

The Perfect Cup of Tea

“…When Brewing and Picking Out the Safest Tea Remember These Tips:

1. Choose an Organic & Non-GMO certified brand of tea...

2. Check the ingredient list on the back of the tea package to make sure there are no added flavors, GMO ingredients like soy lecithin and corn starch added to the tea leaves.

3. Make sure the brand you buy uses a safe form of packaging material or buy loose tea and use a stainless steel or glass tea strainer. ¬†Have the company verify that the bags do not contain epichlorophydrin, and avoid plastic tea bags all together…

4. The majority of restaurants use some of the most pesticide ridden tea and brands that have harmful packaging…Don’t fall victim to this. ¬†Bring your own tea when eating out or going to restaurants and ask for a pot or cup of boiling water (remember to leave a good tip if you do this)….If you drink iced tea, brew your own at home and carry an insulated water bottle with you.

5. Remember these temps and times for brewing the perfect cup of tea:

    How To Brew The Perfect Cup of Tea:

Type of Tea                     Temperature                            Steeping Time

Black or Pu-erh Teas      212F or 100C (boiling water)       3-5 minutes

White or Green Teas       170-185F or 76-85C                    2-3 minutes

Oolong Teas                    185-210F or 85-98C                    4-7 minutes

Herbal Teas ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 212F or 100C (boiling water) ¬† ¬† ¬† 5 minutes or¬†longer…

If you know someone who loves to drink tea,

please share this post with them.”

To check out the original article by FoodBabe click here.

Wisdom Nectar Tea is Proud to Create All Organic, Hand Blended, Loose Leaf Herbal Teas

Check out our website: 

Share Tea, Be Happy!

Share Tea, Be Happy!

The Perfect Snack for Coming Home from School or Work!

add a little flower essences and chocolate for even more fun

We made 
Wisdom Nectar Tea¬†–¬†Iced –

and a bit of Popcorn and Chocolate!

This little combination is the perfect treat to come home to.  Easy to make for yourself, your children, or anyone when they come home!

When I came home from a long day, I started with the Lotus Wei Flower Essence Joy Juice Mist, to alleviate and revitalize after a day of teaching preschool.  I felt joyful and refreshed right away!

Then, I added a little Joy Juice to the Popcorn, for the happiest, popcorn around!

And a little Quiet Mind to the Iced Tea to calm the mental chatter of the day.  

 And one of my favorites,  get ready for the Chocolate!  Luscious, delicious and diabetic friendly.  Wei of Chocolate recommends to let each piece melt in your mouth for added joy and relaxation (it really works! Try it!)

Special thanks, Lotus Wei Flower Essences and Organic Lifestyle for creating these amazing and delightfully effective flower essence remedies. ¬†We see their effectiveness time and time again in our lives and with children – we love serving them with our tea! ūüôā

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“Plant Your Seeds. ¬†Protect Your Gardens. ¬†Protect Your Whole Body.”

Today the little one in our lives shared a little insight.

We were creating a flyer. ¬†I asked her, “What would you like to tell people?”

She said: “Plant your seeds, Protect your gardens, Protect your whole body.”

She paused for a moment… and asked me, “Did you write all that down?”

I smiled and said, “Yes.”


The Schools and Virtues of Tea

“The tea-plant, a native to southern China, was known from very early time to Chinese botany and medicine…and was highly praised for possessing the virtues of relieving fatigue, delighting the soul, strengthening the will, and repairing the eyesight.”¬†

“The Taoists claimed it as an important ingredient of the elixir of ¬†immortality.”

“The Buddhists used it extensively to prevent drowsiness during their long hours of meditation.” ¬†

In Japan, “[t]he beverage grew to be an excuse for the worship of the purity and refinement, a sacred function at which the host and guest joined to produce for the occasion and the utmost beatitude of the mundane.”

“The tea-room was an oasis in the oasis in the dreary waste of existence where weary travelers could meet to drink from the common spring…”

Quotations from Okakura Kakuzo’s The Book of Tea

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Peace and Humanity in A Cup of Tea

Peace for Humanity - A Cup of Tea

Yes, it really is that simple!

“Strangely¬†enough [or really not so strangely at all :)] humanity has so far met in the teacup.”¬†– Okakura Kakuzo

From the ancient Chinese fields, to the bustling streets of New York, tea has become a part of lives the world over!

A beverage for taste, for health, and for fashion! 

“There is a subtle charm in the taste of the tea which makes it irresistible and capable of idealization.” –¬†Okakura Kakuzo

We love tea for its simple elegance Рits clean esteem, its sociability, its quiet solitude, its confidence.   It is a tool which gives us permission to just be.  To be real.  To be who we are.

We love tea for its simple beauty; a beauty we unfold and realize in ourselves with each everlasting sip.  And with that appreciation we see and love the multitude of simple beauties all around us.

Our lives become rich the joyful appreciation of simplicity.  The simplicity of all  things and all moments.  We have practiced this Рan awareness of the simple beauty Рwith each and every sip of tea!

It becomes our nature: each moment, endlessly overflowing with simply joy!  And we say with a smile,

“Dear friend, join me for a cup of tea!”

And all the World and Humanity is at Peace.

Sip Tea Often, Share with Others and Be Happy!

Inspirations from Okakura Kakuzo’s The Book of Tea

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“Those who cannot feel the littleness of great things in themselves

are apt to overlook the greatness of little things in others.”

– Okakura Kakura, The Book of Tea

Experience the Joy of Subtly with Flower Power Tea

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Cool tea РHot days.  Hot Tea РRainy days.  

Puzzles are always Fun!


Today, we brewed so fresh herbal tea –

Hydrating Flower Power Tea 

to weather the weather ūüėČ

In Arizona, we often find ourselves inside from the heat on summer days.

What do you do for summer fun?  

How do you stay cool and hydrated?

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