Welcome to the Family!

We are Dedicated to Creating Joyful, Empowering & Delicious Organic Herbal Teas

Welcome to Wisdom Nectar Tea

Wisdom Nectar Tea Empowers People to:

Be Fearless – to Observe & Experience their Mind & Body

Be Informed – about their food & beverage Choices for themselves, their Families, their Communities & the Future

& Take Charge – of their Health & Happiness

Delicious Organic Herbal Loose Tea

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We focus on teas that taste great and are great for you and your family!

Our blends are all inspired from real people in our family and community that requested a blend to help them with a situation in their life, such as better rest, hormone balancing, improved energy and detoxification.

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Many of our teas are full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients such as calcium , vitamin B12, K and trace minerals.

The blends synchronize eastern and western herbal traditions for a revolutionary way to enjoy tea and overall well-being.

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