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Enjoy Local Seasonal Food with Delicious Farm to Table Meals


Organic Farmer and Small Farm Owner Maya Dailey, of Maya’s Farm, shares delicious and simple recipes for seasonal, local produce that anyone can create and enjoy!

Maya’s Simmered Farm Fresh Veggies with a Side of Eggs


Fresh, Local, Organically Grown Produce from your Local Small Farm

Some Great Ingredients for this Dish include:

Spring Onions, Bell Peppers, Cauliflower, Carrots, Garlic, Turnips, Chard.


Take your ingredients, wash and chop into small pieces.


Place all ingredients into a sauce pan and simmer on low.


Stir and add water as needed.


Cover and let simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes or until the ingredients and soft and saucy.


Gather some farm fresh, local, free range eggs.


Fry in a pan with oil and coarse salt.


Serve up simmered veggies on a plate.

Place the eggs beside it and Enjoy!

Also excellent served with a side of dandelion greens – check out a great recipe here.

Check out more farm to table recipes from Maya here.

Wisdom Nectar Tea pairing recommendation: Purifying and Rejuvenating.  Enjoy a crisp minty flavor with your veggies.  Feel refreshed energized and nourished with great food and tea full of nutrients and minerals!

Share Food, Be Happy!


The Phoenix of Equality

“To have Equality you must pass through the fire of Selfishness!”

Quotes and Inspirations from The Girl Who Drew the Phoenix by Demi

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Enjoy this beautiful, delicious and simple Spring Fennel Puree/Soup created by local Phoenix, Arizona Chef Sasha Levine

Fennel Puree/Soup

fennel puree

Ingredients: 1/2 medium onion – julienned (cut into long thin strips) 1 stalk green garlic – sliced 8 fennel roots – peeled & sliced 2 baby fennel – sliced 1 Tablespoon butter 1 Tablespoon extra virgin olive oil Salt & pepper Splash of cream, squeeze of lemon Directions:

Saute onions and green garlic in the butter & extra virgin olive oil – season with salt.  Cook until soft & slightly translucent.  Add fennel root & fennel, cook down until tender.  Add water or chicken stock & cover.  Simmer 5 minutes covered.  Add fresh cracked pepper, a splash of cream, & a squeeze of lemon.  Puree until silky.  Garnish with fennel & chopped fennel tops.  Great with fish & pork.


Thank you Farmer’s & Chefs a like for Cultivating, Preparing & Sharing the Joys of Food with the World!

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The Wisdom of Children – Words & Lessons to Live By

Wisdom Nectar Tea Seeds from African Daisy

“Wait! Don’t Throw Out That Seed!

We Can Plant It,

Then It Will Grow &

We Will Have Trees!

Climbing and Tree Wisdom Nectar Tea

We Can Eat the Fruit & Grow Strong”

The Causation Principle – Words of Wisdom from a 5 Year Old

(those seeds will actually grow into flowers)

African Daisies in the Neighborhood Wisdom Nectar Tea

Still Beautiful & Lovely 

Thank you for Reading & Sharing this Morsel of Wisdom of a Child

for more inspirations & teatime activities go to

Dandelion Greens-Greek Style!

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

As a Greek immigrant child in New York City, it was quite common to go 
to the park with your parents. Now you may think that this was common for most children in New York City. Well, the difference for us Greek immigrant children was that our parents had a knife and a plastic bag at all times. This was to search and seize the dandelion greens growing in the grass. We all hoped that our American friends did not spot us during this Greek tradition in the New York City parks. At that time, dandelion greens were only seen as a weed, not a green sold at your local super market or farmers’ market.

Ever since my childhood, I love my dandelion greens. They remind me of the Greek spirit in our neighborhood and home. Luckily, we know that they are also really good for you.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Here is how I prepare them:

Boil water with a pinch of salt.

Add greens.

 Boil for 10-15 minutes.


Add olive oil to your liking and top off with FETA!!

Image courtesy of Chefs Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier, Arrows Restaurant and MC Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, ME

Image courtesy of Chefs Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier, Arrows Restaurant and MC Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, ME

With some good bread, this is a healthy meal.

Recipe Courtesy of Olga Tsoudis – Downtown Phoenix Resident

This lovely story and note was shared as an email correspondence with Maya Dailey of Maya’s Farm 

To which Maya replied: 

 Olga thanks so much for sharing this it brings chills to my body and 
 joy to my heart. Such traditions are very important to save. All 
 cultures have them and with care and respect we can acknowledge them 
 and save them. This is the very essence of the Slow Food movement! 
 Honoring cultural food traditions is sacred and necessary.

Be a part of the Small Farm Movement – Support your local farmers – Join a CSA!

Maya’s Farm CSA is all organic, local, super fresh produce delivered weekly Learn more and Sign up at

A Big & Beautiful Radish Baby

We found an enormous radish at the Local Public Market 


I tried to get a picture to show the radish was almost the size of a 5 year olds head!

Maya at Maya’s Farm, where we found the radish, suggested she flip the root around and hold it like a baby – Genius!


It became the cutest little baby…

A lovable bundle of joy…


Until we took it home….

It became a Delicious sautéed side!

RECIPE: “Home Fry” Local Radish & Greens:

Wash & chop the radish & leaves

& place them in separate piles.

Then heat the pan, add oil & salt.

When the pan is hot, place the chopped radish pieces in.

Sauté the pieces like home fries,

until they were getting golden or crispy.

Remove the radish pieces & sauté the radish greens with a little bit of salt & water.  

When the greens are soft & tender, but not over cooked, place them on a dish with the “home fry” radishes on top – Ready to Eat – Delicious!


Check out for more information about great local, organic produce – Be fearless to try new things with cooking – keep it simple – keep it fun!

Happy Cooking!

The dish was enjoyed with Nourishing Tea from – a perfect pairing option.

Farm to Table with Maya’s Farm

Photo By: Monica Michelle

Photo By: Monica Michelle

Breakfast on the Farm with Maya Dailey

Maya's Farm2

The Freshest, Local, Organic Produce is Easier than Ever to Prepare!

Saute chopped Scallions in Oil in a pan


Chop Radishes,


Baby Carrots,


Add Heat & Stir


Add Chard,


Garlic & a little bit of coarse Sea Salt


Add some Farm Fresh Eggs


& Mix it All Up! IMG_6181

Serve with Fresh Toast, Salsa & Butter


The Perfect Farm to Table Breakfast

Share & Prepare with Your Friends and Family!

Maya’s CSA is a Great to Start Having Fun Cooking & Creating Unique Locally Inspired Food Dishes!


We were thrilled to be a part of Maya’s Sunday Market & Events (come by Maya’s Farm to see the bounty of Phoenix in Winter), she even made us a farm to table breakfast!  It was so fun, inspiring & delicious we had to share it – we look forward to posting more seasonal local recipes & pairings with tea!

Sign Up for a Maya’s Farm CSA Share at we are so glad we did – it is changing or food habits, health and lifestyle for the better!

Many Blessings to Everyone!

An Arizona Sunset – Through the Eyes and Words of a Child

Arizona Sunset

“Beautiful yellow light that looks like a heart without the curl on it.

Look Arizona Sunset

Beside a Fiery Orange, Red & Yellow Matched Sculpture.

Arizona Sunset

Purple Clouds Start to Close It Up Like a Big Box Gathering A Rainbow.”

Seen at the Desert Botanical Garden Las Noches de Las Luminarias 

Precious Moments are meant to be Shared

(& Enjoyed with Tea)

The Wisdom of a Tech De-Tox


Because until now…. Only my Dog & a Fondue Pot have saved me from myself and my tech addiction….

The Information Age has come like a tidal wave of information, tools, gadgets & innovations.

The habits the Information Age has inspired in people are much more subtle;  and the behavioral changes are more far reaching than anyone first anticipated.  This is like the Boiling a Frog Analogy: when cooking a frog in water, slowly heat it up…the frog does not know the water changes temperature until it is too late to jump!  Or in the human-tech sense, the behaviors become so common gradually that overtime we do not realize them as once not being typical.

boiling frog - DonkeyHotey

Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey

I love technology and the internet.  I love the interconnectedness and community we are developing.  I love being able to share and hear others share.  I love being linked to places and people around the world and learning from and helping each other at the speed of light. 

super-spider-web Photo Credit - thehomespun

Photo Credit: thehomespun

But with all this tech excitement, I must remember that the web and tech are not everything and so much is still there and happening in the “unplugged.”  In fact, that very link to the “unplugged” may be one of the greatest connections we can develop in our lives.

And after the “fondued phone” incident…  of December 25th,


I am taking a Tech De-Tox Pledge for 5 days.  

These are the guidelines for which I have set for myself.  I plan to observe and recognize the moments of each of these days, recalling the things similar and different to my life with and without my techs.  

I hope this pledge encourages others to experiment, even if only for a few days, with life without their techs and to rediscover the beauty of the “unplugged” in a deeper, more profound manner.  

When we remember our lives and world are beautiful, precious, we can remember  and experience our interconnectedness as so much deeper than any code or platform can express.

Lets fly a kite

The Wisdom De-Tox Guidelines:

1. No Wearing the Cell Phone on the Body

2. No Internet Surfing or Checking Email

3. Walk on the Dirt (without shoes and socks, weather permitting)

4. Sit Outside – Just Sit There for 1 to 2 minutes 

5. Walk Barefoot Inside (take off these outside shoes and walk around inside! feel the floor at your feet, stretch your toes and let them breathe!)

6.  Enjoy a Hot Cup of Organic Loose Leaf Herbal Tea – this one is one of my favorites – 


I begin my Tech De-Tox December 27th.  

Wishing you Joy & Love into the New Year!

Share Tea, Be Happy!

Foodie Fondued Phone – An Important Tech Lesson

I have long been warned about my addictive love of my phone…

My days and nights attached to it, checking it, scrolling on it, documenting the little moments and the delicious food I see…

Christmas day this year, brought I surprise I never expected.

In the excitement of my latest food photo journey, a great lesson was about to unfold.

It all started with the Wei of Chocolate Fondue…

a friend was gifted a beautiful mini fondue set, and a bag of Wei Beautiful – a True Culinary Dream Team.  

Wei of Chocolate Fondue

We excitedly unwrapped and placed the decadent chocolatey pieces into the fondue, lit the flame and waited – the anticipation of capturing these chocolatey morsels as the melted into a sea of divinity suspended in my mind like a puppy waiting for the return of their master.

As the heat rose, the pieces slowly became to melt – delicious, smooth, chocolatey bliss was appearing before my eyes – 

Then the unthinkable happened…


Yes, I fondued my phone…

I now had an official “chocolate phone

The humor of this situation was unsurpassed – many people helped to document this timeless and timely moment – and I realized it really was the perfect time to begin my tech de-tox. 

Apple should be happy to know that mud and coffee may be no match for an iPhone, but melted chocolate leaves the phone sweet and deliciously aromatic…

Have you had any phone photo op fails, or foodie phone fails?

Thanks for reading, and remember to enjoy the humor of the little things!

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