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A Big & Beautiful Radish Baby

We found an enormous radish at the Local Public Market 


I tried to get a picture to show the radish was almost the size of a 5 year olds head!

Maya at Maya’s Farm, where we found the radish, suggested she flip the root around and hold it like a baby – Genius!


It became the cutest little baby…

A lovable bundle of joy…


Until we took it home….

It became a Delicious sautéed side!

RECIPE: “Home Fry” Local Radish & Greens:

Wash & chop the radish & leaves

& place them in separate piles.

Then heat the pan, add oil & salt.

When the pan is hot, place the chopped radish pieces in.

Sauté the pieces like home fries,

until they were getting golden or crispy.

Remove the radish pieces & sauté the radish greens with a little bit of salt & water.  

When the greens are soft & tender, but not over cooked, place them on a dish with the “home fry” radishes on top – Ready to Eat – Delicious!


Check out for more information about great local, organic produce – Be fearless to try new things with cooking – keep it simple – keep it fun!

Happy Cooking!

The dish was enjoyed with Nourishing Tea from – a perfect pairing option.


Foodie Fondued Phone – An Important Tech Lesson

I have long been warned about my addictive love of my phone…

My days and nights attached to it, checking it, scrolling on it, documenting the little moments and the delicious food I see…

Christmas day this year, brought I surprise I never expected.

In the excitement of my latest food photo journey, a great lesson was about to unfold.

It all started with the Wei of Chocolate Fondue…

a friend was gifted a beautiful mini fondue set, and a bag of Wei Beautiful – a True Culinary Dream Team.  

Wei of Chocolate Fondue

We excitedly unwrapped and placed the decadent chocolatey pieces into the fondue, lit the flame and waited – the anticipation of capturing these chocolatey morsels as the melted into a sea of divinity suspended in my mind like a puppy waiting for the return of their master.

As the heat rose, the pieces slowly became to melt – delicious, smooth, chocolatey bliss was appearing before my eyes – 

Then the unthinkable happened…


Yes, I fondued my phone…

I now had an official “chocolate phone

The humor of this situation was unsurpassed – many people helped to document this timeless and timely moment – and I realized it really was the perfect time to begin my tech de-tox. 

Apple should be happy to know that mud and coffee may be no match for an iPhone, but melted chocolate leaves the phone sweet and deliciously aromatic…

Have you had any phone photo op fails, or foodie phone fails?

Thanks for reading, and remember to enjoy the humor of the little things!

The Perfect Snack for Coming Home from School or Work!

add a little flower essences and chocolate for even more fun

We made 
Wisdom Nectar Tea – Iced –

and a bit of Popcorn and Chocolate!

This little combination is the perfect treat to come home to.  Easy to make for yourself, your children, or anyone when they come home!

When I came home from a long day, I started with the Lotus Wei Flower Essence Joy Juice Mist, to alleviate and revitalize after a day of teaching preschool.  I felt joyful and refreshed right away!

Then, I added a little Joy Juice to the Popcorn, for the happiest, popcorn around!

And a little Quiet Mind to the Iced Tea to calm the mental chatter of the day.  

 And one of my favorites,  get ready for the Chocolate!  Luscious, delicious and diabetic friendly.  Wei of Chocolate recommends to let each piece melt in your mouth for added joy and relaxation (it really works! Try it!)

Special thanks, Lotus Wei Flower Essences and Organic Lifestyle for creating these amazing and delightfully effective flower essence remedies.  We see their effectiveness time and time again in our lives and with children – we love serving them with our tea! 🙂

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The Phoenix of Clear Sight

“To have Clear Sight you must pass through the fire of Anger.”

Quotes and Inspirations from The Girl Who Drew the Phoenix by Demi

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Up in the Heavens the Phoenix Soar

“As the Supreme Female Powers and Principles of the universe, the phoenix saw that all life was born and maintained in heaven and on earth.  They helped others wherever they could – making the universe one integral whole.”

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“Those who cannot feel the littleness of great things in themselves

are apt to overlook the greatness of little things in others.”

– Okakura Kakura, The Book of Tea

Experience the Joy of Subtly with Flower Power Tea

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